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Hey Susan,

Hope all is well with you. When I tell you my mom enjoyed those berries - she ENJOYED them! After her first bite; she said "Umm, then umm that lady ought to be ashamed of herself...LOL and by the next bite...she belts out I'm calling Steve Harvey!" So I said why; she said "this lady is on to something and needs to be put on a national platform." To know my mom and her high standard for good eats; she loved those berries as it takes a lot to earn her rave reviews. And she actually ate all of them with the exception of sharing a few...LOL. My girlfriend that ordered the half-dozen was blown away as well!

Job well done Susan! I'm sure you are already aware of the endless potential of your business...which will come to pass with your continued recipe for success. From your professionalism, great customer service, excellent product presentation and use of quality ingredients; my friend...YOU ARE ON IT! They say that word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising and trust, I will be telling erbody...LOL Thanks for helping to make her mother's day special! I look forward to us putting something together soon.

Take care, Misty

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