Butter Cakes

These cakes scream eat me and are so addictive, you will eat slice after slice!!!! We took our classic vanilla butter cake recipe and infused it with a variety of spices, white wine and fruit to create a light yet super moist cake that gets better the longer it sits. To finish it, we poured a lightly sweetened white wine butter sauce over the top to create the most decadent glaze.


Dessert Parfaits

Our dessert shooters/parfaits are the perfect 5oz. treat for any occasion. They are trendy and add that special something to your dessert table. Choose any flavor from "Our Flavors" menu and be moments away from a decadent sweet treat that is sure to please.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (plain, glittered or w/toppings)

Traditional plump and juicy dipped strawberries in your choice of caramel, milk chocolate or white chocolate and can be finished in a variety of toppings and glitters.

Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bombs (large and small)

Our gourmet Hot Chocolate aka "Cocoa Bombs" are created with white and semi dark chocolate and custom blended cocoa powders infused with an assortment of cookies, marshmallows, fruits and other toppings to give you a rich flavorful "Hot Chocolate" drinking experience. Put one in your favorite mug, add hot water or milk, watch the explosion, stir and enjoy!!!

Mini Cheesecake Pies

We took inspiration from the "Our Flavors" menu and created these one of a kind mini pies. We call them mini because they are smaller than a regular pie but don't let that fool you because the flavors and taste are big and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!!

Pie Cookies

These cookies are so addictive an give you the best of both worlds of a cookie and a pie, hence the name "Pie Cookie". Each cookie is a sweet buttery crust filled with a variety of pie fillings and finished with a double dusting of powdered sugar. You can eat them fresh out the oven or at room temperature....either way, they are moist and delicious and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!!


Plain Cake Balls

We can't call them cake pops so we call them cake balls and for a very good reason. These moist and delicious cake balls are to big for a little stick. We call them plain because they are created without "The Stuff Strawberries Are Made Of" but they are still an all time favorite with your choice of caramel, milk chocolate, or white chocolate drizzle.


Stuffed Strawberries

Our featured product is truly "The Stuff Strawberries Are Made Of". Each stuffed strawberry gets a generous helping of our signature cheesecake based filling infused with an assortment of nuts, fresh fruits, fruit purees, and the list goes on. Then we finish them with your choice of chocolate, caramel, crushed cookies and nuts based on the flavor choice to deliver the ultimate strawberry eating experience! With over 70 flavors, we are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Please check out "Our Flavors" tab for a description of each flavor.


Stuffed Cake Balls

The surprise is inside!!!! We give you the best of both worlds with our addictive stuffed cake balls. We took flavors from the "Our Flavors" menu to create these one of a kind sweet treats. Our signature stuffed strawberries are surrounded with your choice of moist delicious cake and finished with a variety of toppings based on your flavor.

Stuffed Cookie Balls

This versatile treat can be eaten hot or at room temperature. We layer vanilla cookies with our signature flavors from the "Our Flavors" menu, coat them in our secret batter and flash fry them until golden brown and roll them in powdered or cinnamon sugar. To finish them, we use an assortment of chocolate, nuts, cookies and the list goes on based on your flavor selection.

Other desserts and sweet treats can be created upon request.  Please call or email to inquire.



Amaretto - vanilla cheesecake/amaretto cream/milk chocolate/toasted almonds

Apple Butter Pecan - vanilla cheesecake/apple butter/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/chopped pecans

Apple Pie - vanilla cheesecake/spiced apples/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Banana Brown Sugar – vanilla cheesecake/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/sautéed brown sugar bananas/brown sugar drizzle

Banana Pudding - vanilla cheesecake/banana pudding/chopped banana//white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Banana Pudding Caramel – vanilla cheesecake/white chocolate/fresh bananas/banana pudding/crushed vanilla cookies

Banana Split - vanilla cheesecake/banana puree/wet nuts/pineapple/cherries/milk chocolate/ chocolate syrup/crushed vanilla cookies

Banana Walnut - vanilla cheesecake/banana puree/chopped walnuts/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Bavarian Cream Pie – vanilla cheesecake/bavarian cream/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Blueberry Cream Pie - vanilla cheesecake/blueberry puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Blueberry Peach Pie - vanilla cheesecake/blueberry puree/chopped peaches/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Caramel Apple - vanilla cheesecake/apple filling/caramel/cinnamon sugar graham crackers

Caramel Cinnamon - vanilla cheesecake/white chocolate/caramel/cinnamon sugar graham crackers

Caramel Peanut - vanilla cheesecake/caramel/peanuts/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Caramel Popcorn - vanilla cheesecake/caramel/white chocolate/kettle cooked popcorn

Cherry Cream Pie - vanilla cheesecake/cherry puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/whipped cream

Chocolate Covered Cherry - vanilla cheesecake/cherry puree/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Chocolate Hazelnut - chocolate hazelnut cream/hazelnuts/milk chocolate/chopped hazelnuts

Chocolate Raspberry - vanilla cheesecake/raspberry puree/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Coconut Almond – vanilla cheesecake/coconut/milk chocolate/toasted almonds

Coconut Cream Pie – vanilla cheesecake/coconut cream/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/whipped cream/sweet shredded coconut

Cookies n’ Cream - vanilla cheesecake/white chocolate/chopped chocolate cookies/ white chocolate/crushed chocolate cookies

Crème de Menthe - vanilla cheesecake/chopped mint/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Double Chocolate - vanilla cheesecake/crushed chocolate cookies/milk chocolate

Egg Nog - vanilla cheesecake/egg nog/white chocolate/crushed gingersnap cookies

Honey Oat - vanilla cheesecake/honey/cinnamon granola/white chocolate/crushed granola/honey drizzle

Key Lime Pie - vanilla cheesecake/lime zest/ lime juice/white chocolate/crushed cinnamon graham crackers

Key Lime Margarita - vanilla cheesecake/lime zest/lime juice/lemon juice/white chocolate/crushed cinnamon graham crackers/margarita drizzle

Lemon Blueberry - vanilla cheesecake/lemon and blueberry puree/white chocolate/crushed blueberry brown sugar cookies

Lemon Cream Pie - vanilla cheesecake/lemon puree/white chocolate/whipped cream/crushed lemon cookies

Lemon Ginger - vanilla cheesecake/lemon puree/grated ginger/lemon zest/white chocolate/crushed gingersnap cookies

Lemon Meringue Pie - vanilla cheesecake/lemon puree/lemon juice/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/meringue lightly torched to perfection

Mango Peach - vanilla cheesecake/chopped peaches/chopped mango/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Maple Bacon - vanilla cheesecake/pure maple syrup/bacon (pork or turkey)/white chocolate/maple syrup drizzle

Maple Bacon Pecan - vanilla cheesecake/pure maple syrup/bacon (pork or turkey)/white chocolate/pecans/maple syrup drizzle

Maple Pecan - vanilla cheesecake/pure maple syrup/chopped pecans/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/chopped maple pecans

Milk Chocolate Cashew - vanilla cheesecake/milk chocolate/chopped toasted cashews

Milk Chocolate Pretzel - vanilla cheesecake/milk chocolate/pretzels/caramel

Milk Chocolate Dream - vanilla cheesecake/milk chocolate/cinnamon/milk chocolate morsels


Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter - vanilla cheesecake/milk chocolate/peanut butter/crushed vanilla cookies/chopped Reese's Cups

Mint Chocolate Chip - vanilla cheesecake/fresh mint/milk chocolate/crushed chocolate cookies/chocolate chips/chocolate syrup drizzle

Mocha Almond Java - vanilla cheesecake/coffee/chocolate syrup/milk chocolate/chopped almonds

Orange Creamsicle - vanilla cheesecake/mandarin oranges/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Peach Cobbler - vanilla cheesecake/spiced peaches/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Peaches n’ Cream - vanilla cheesecake/chopped peaches/white chocolate/whipped cream/crushed vanilla cookies

Peanut Butter Banana - vanilla cheesecake/bananas/peanut butter/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/peanuts

Peanut Butter & Jelly - vanilla cheesecake/peanut butter/grape jelly/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Pineapple Coconut - vanilla cheesecake/coconut cream/chopped pineapple/white chocolate/sweet shredded coconut

Pineapple Upside Down - vanilla cheesecake/sautéed brown sugar pineapples/chopped cherries/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Pistachio Almond - vanilla cheesecake/almond paste/chopped pistachios/milk chocolate/chopped vanilla cookies/chopped almonds and salted pistachios

Pralines n’ Cream - vanilla cheesecake/caramel/praline pecans/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Pumpkin Pie – vanilla cheesecake/spiced pumpkin puree/white chocolate/crushed ginger snaps/chopped cinnamon glazed pecans

Raspberry Coconut - vanilla cheesecake/coconut cream/raspberry puree/white chocolate/ chopped vanilla cookies/sweet shredded coconut

Raspberry Cream Pie - vanilla cheesecake/raspberry puree/white chocolate/whipped cream/crushed vanilla cookies

Raspberry Peach - vanilla cheesecake/peach and raspberry puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

S’mores - vanilla cheesecake/marshmallow cream/chocolate syrup/milk chocolate/crushed cinnamon graham crackers/lightly torched mini marshmallows

Spiced Cake - vanilla cheesecake/chopped gingersnap cookies/our secret spice blend/white chocolate/crushed gingersnap cookies

Spicy Milk Chocolate - vanilla cheesecake/milk chocolate/cayenne pepper

Strawberry Banana - vanilla cheesecake/strawberry puree/banana/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Strawberries n’ Cream - vanilla cheesecake/chopped strawberry/white chocolate/whipped cream/crushed vanilla cookies

Strawberry Crunch - vanilla cheesecake/white chocolate/strawberry crunch topping

Strawberry Lemonade - vanilla cheesecake/strawberry puree/lemon puree/lemonade/chopped strawberries/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Strawberry Shortcake - vanilla cheesecake/strawberry puree/chopped strawberries/chopped vanilla cookies/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/whipped cream/confetti candy sprinkles

Sweet Potato Pie - vanilla cheesecake/sweet potato puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

The Turtle - vanilla cheesecake/caramel/chopped pecans/milk chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

Toffee Peanut Crunch - vanilla cheesecake/chopped toffee & peanuts/milk chocolate/chopped salted peanuts

Tropical Punch - vanilla cheesecake/pineapple/mandarin orange/banana/strawberry/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies/confetti candy sprinkles

White Chocolate Cheesecake – vanilla cheesecake and white chocolate

White Chocolate Cherry - vanilla cheesecake/cherry fruit puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

White Chocolate Cinnamon - vanilla cheesecake/white chocolate/cinnamon/crushed gingersnap cookies

White Chocolate Dream - vanilla cheesecake/white chocolate/chopped white chocolate morsels

White Chocolate Macadamia - vanilla cheesecake/white chocolate/chopped macadamia nuts

White Chocolate Pretzel - vanilla cheesecake/pretzels/caramel/white chocolate

White Chocolate Raspberry - vanilla cheesecake/raspberry puree/white chocolate/crushed vanilla cookies

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