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...To The Stuffed Berry where our number one goal is to give you the ultimate strawberry eating experience. We create gourmet stuffed strawberry desserts; hand-crafted with love and stuffed with a generous helping of our decadent signature cheesecake fillings infused with an assortment of fresh fruits, nuts, fruit purees, chocolate, granola and more to ensure you get a taste of “The Stuff Strawberries Are Made Of” in every bite; cover them in a variety of chocolate or caramel, and finish them in one of our many toppings of crushed cookies, granola, nuts, and mini chocolate morsels just to name a few.


Our gourmet desserts aren’t your average chocolate covered strawberry and they definitely don’t look or taste like your everyday chocolate covered strawberry. With over 60 flavors to choose from, we are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

We are best known for our signature stuffed strawberries but we also provide other sweet confections on our daily menu and can create other desserts and sweet treats upon request.



Click the picture to see the flavor.

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